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What Do
We Know?

What does the research show about blindness in Appaloosas? Learn more

What Should Be Done?

Five steps to take — and who should take them — to address this issue in
the breed. Learn more

The Appaloosa is a wonderful breed of horse with a fabled history in the American West. Often called the “spotted horse” because of its distinctive and handsome coloring, the breed first came to widespread attention in the late 1800’s as the horse of the Nez Perce tribe.

Yet something else besides the Appaloosa’s history and appearance sets it apart from other breeds. The Appaloosa is at increased risk for uveitis, the leading cause of blindness in horses. As a result, Appaloosas are more likely to go blind than other horses.

We know a little something about this. At our non-profit ranch for disabled animals in Montana, many of our blind horses are Appaloosas. That’s not an odd coincidence. Our numbers are consistent with what the available veterinary research shows about blindness in Appaloosas.

Disturbed by this remarkable breed’s risk for such a devastating disability, we decided to find out more about the problem – and who should be doing something about it. That’s the purpose of this Web site.